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Mission Statement To provide an upscale dance experience for Ballroom, Swing, Latin and Country dancers novice to experienced

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The RMSS is well on it's way to completion of repairs.

Our dance room was not affected by the flood, but the stage section is being used for

storage, the 2nd for activities and the 3rd for office staff.   As soon as painting and

flooring and such are done, then everything can get moved back to it's

proper place.   March 9 was looking a little tight, so we've moved to

March 23 for our 14th ANNIVERSARY dance

March 23, 2019 NEW DATE

My upcoming 2019 dances
All lessons Intermediate/Advanced

No January dance
No February dance
Mar 23 (moved from the 9th)
Apr 13
May 18
Jun 22
Jul 13
Aug 17
Sept - no dance
Oct 19
Nov 9
Nov 30
Dec 31 - NY 

Some Dance thoughts:

1 - If you love to dance just do it - no excuses! Take lessons from a professional in a group class. DON'T go to a dance expecting to just pick stuff up. Good leads don't prefer to dance with follows with rubber arms and no technique, Good follows don't prefer to dance with guys who've watched someone and think they can just copy and have no rhythm to follow.
2 - Ladies you don't HAVE to only be a follow! A couple of the best (non-teacher) dancers I've ever danced with are among my FAVOURITE dancers of all time. I'm sure their talents as a follow is partly due to their ability to understand what leads do.
3 - If you take lessons get OUT and practice, that's the only way you'll get better
4 - While the dance styles may be limited, Salsa dances, Country dances, WCS dances are ideal for singles and there's lots of those dances around. At these events changing partners is the name of the game and the better the dancer you are the more dancing you'll get. If you're not a great dancer (and I did this in the beginning) practice at home and get the basics down SOLID!
5 - Join in the mixers! This is the easiest way to meet someone without the awkwardness of crossing the floor to ask someone. I'm always amazed at the dancers I briefly meet who have excellent skills. And even if they don't have great skills just imagine you're "paying it forward" like someone else probably did to you!
6 - Couples PLEASE dance with other people! For two great reasons. First your partner knows all your moves and you anticipate each other - not good if you're trying to be a BETTER lead or follower because with someone else you're all on your own! Being a lead means you can lead with any partner and vice versa. Second an email I sent out last year highlighted research about how dancing is the VERY BEST activity to ward off AZ or dementia, BUT..., only when you don't dance by rote. If you dance without thinking it's just exercise!
7 - Practice dances are where you work your stuff out. When you go to a real dance dance like your life depended on it! Ladies don't ask your partner to do such and such move. Guys while it's great to give a new partner some verbal direction on what's coming up, other comments aren't necessary! It's a downer for your partner and others around you will notice!


Further notes:
- Single Ladies you can ask guys to dance - don't assume men are solely responsible for YOUR dance enjoyment! If you LOVE to dance, take lessons, practice on your own (which I did for 3 years because I had no partner in the early days), and be proactive with your dance enjoyment. Also by definition there's a lot more partner switching at WCS, Country and Salsa dances, so those are options you can explore.
- Couples - let your partner dance with others! Believe me - it's to YOUR benefit as couples can get into bad habits - (I speak from experience).
- Gents - Pay it forward to newer dancers like someone probably did for you. You may know 15 moves with your partner, but guaranteed, you'll only be able to do 5 basic ones with a new partner and whatever you do will be appreciated as it's 1,000% better than sitting down!

Regulation Ballroom dance floor size – I did a little research to see what are actual WDSF size standards.  Turns out it depends on what country you’re in!


Europe – 85.3 x 52.5

China – 75.5 x 49

USA – 60 x 36

Canada 60 x 35


My regular dances – 75 x 34

My Special dances – 105 x 34 (Valentines, Xmas, New Years) as shown below.

Our NEW refinished dance floor (July 2016)

Picture shows the $3,000 chandelier (that we picked up for $1,100) we installed in Dec 2006 half with donations from dance friends and half I paid for.

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