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Great Dancing comes

from Great Music!



Great Dancing comes

from Great Music!



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Next Cruise is Feb 9-16, 2008.  Salsa, Merenge, Cha Cha and Rueda Dancing and Workshops!

see HERE.   Starting at $495 US per person (based on double occupancy) on the Carnival Triumph



Dance Club Cruises

Caydance Cruises - Partners Candace Zanini & Jeffrey Arpin


Candace Zanini is a Ballroom and Latin American dance instructor and former competitor based in the Tri-Cities area, and has worked onboard many Royal Caribbean ships for 9 years in the capacity of Activities Manager and Cruise Director.   She's currently a Travel Partner with Royal Caribbean which means she sells directly for them, no commissions added, and offers bottom rates to the clients.  Along with Jeffrey, she escorts these cruises and together they guarantee that your Dance Club Cruise vacation will be the vacation of a lifetime!


Jeffrey Arpin was a Cruise Director for 24 years the last 14 being with Royal Caribbean.  He uses his considerable experience in the industry to ensure every Dance Club Cruises vacation is unique and spectacular.  He escorts these cruises personally and utilizes every resource and connection available to him to enhance your dance cruise experience.


Dance Club Cruises was the first company to fully utilize the "largest dance floors at sea" - the 1,800 sq ft of hardwood in "Studio B" on eight of Royal Caribbean's spectacular Voyager and Freedom Class ships.  "Studio B" is a TV ready theatre with seating for 700.   The perfect arena for ballroom workshops, demonstrations and their four-hour Dance Gala during the cruise.


Dance Club Cruises offers it's guests the opportunity to "Sail with the Stars".  Various cruises throughout the year will feature professionals with National Champion status to their credit.  These professionals will teach workshops, provide a spectacular demonstration at the Dance Gala and be available for private lessons throughout the cruise.  A once in a lifetime experience for everyone from beginner to expert.  All Dance Club Cruises are videotaped by a professional photographer and a DVD of your dance cruise is their gift to you when you return home.  


With Dance Club Cruises the following is included with every vacation!

  • Private Cocktail parties

  • Private Gala dance in Studio B

  • Private dinners in Specialty restaurant

  • Broadway style Revue Shows

  • Logo wear

  • Commemorative DVD

  • Dance Workshops

  • Personalized attention to service

  • and much more

Contact Candace Zanini at
Phone - 778-999-9796
Fax - 778-285-9795



NOTE from Ray J - I have no experience with this cruise - yet - the above is all material from their website and emails.




General Info on Cruising


Cruising has become my fun way to get away.   The food is fabulous, the service top notch, you don't have to plan hotels or take taxi's, and there's always time to get to know people better, just laze around, or attend a wide variety of functions on board or off ship when in port.


This will compare


Celebrity - Mercury - 77,713 tons, 866' long, 1,866 passengers - built 1997

Carnival - Pride - 88,500 tons, 963' long, 2,124 passengers - built 2001

Royal Caribbean - Serenade of the Seas - 90,090 tons, 962', 2,501 passengers - built 2003


However, this is about cruises with DANCING so here goes!


1 - Length - Cruises can be two or more days in length.  Most people prefer 7-12 day cruises.   Longer than that supposedly gets boring, shorter than that is too short


2 - Peak seasons - There are optimum seasons for different parts of the world.  For Alaskan cruises July & August have the highest prices, they also have the best weather.   If you take a last minute cruise in September, don't expect great weather in US waters up north!  Same for parts South.   Check with your agent about times of the year when there are hurricane seasons or rough waters.


3 - Last minute bargains - If you can pick up and leave at 3-4 weeks notice - that's what you need to get your trip, passport and documentation finalized, then there are bargains to be had.  But keep in mind #2 above, if the weather is bad when you take a bus to see a great Glacier, then you won't see much.


4 - Poorer countries - Mexico is very pretty, but a lot of people will want your $US money.  Get used to be treated like a cash cow.  Never pay full price for anything as everyone from sellers to taxi drivers are willing to barter.


5 - Ports - When in port watch your time, and get ashore to look for local bargains.  Remember that a lot of stuff you'll see for sale is probably made in China, so if you're looking for authentic local items, keep your focus! 


6 - Cruise lines - Different lines cater to different clients.  Carnival ships are indeed fun ships, and are great for families, but during the summer time a third of the ship may be kids.  Guaranteed day 1 and 2 they'll be with their parents, but day 3 on they'll of made new friends and do what kids do - hang out on the stairs and come out of the woodwork at night.   Many adults hit their cabins after 9:00pm while the youth won't hit the hay till 1:00am or later.   Most ships have programs to keep the kids busy, but that's only if the kids use the programs.   Teenagers will populate the hot tubs for hours at a time.


Ship lines like Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cater to a more sophisticated crowd, so you can expect better service and I found the food to better by a small margin on the Celebrity.  Carnival may have 24 hour ice cream and pizza, which the youth enjoy.  


7 - DANCING - Ask if the cruise line has dance hosts - not that you may need to use them, but if a cruise line is serious about the bands they hire and the dance crowd, they'll have dance hosts.  Carnival didn't and the quality of the bands was third rate, while Celebrity Mercury had two dance hosts and had a fabulous due on one level, a fabulous 5 piece band on the main dance floor, and a great big band that played all over.   Every day there was dancing, while on Royal Caribbean we had a day with not much happening.   Royal Caribbean is a classier line and had a couple of great bands one Polish band was supreme!  


Transatlantic cruises that travel from New York to Birmingham (GB) will have 6-8 dance hosts.  Each dance host looks after one section of the dance rooms, and of course, all the single ladies in that area.


8 - Smoking - The cruise lines in general haven't caught up with smoking reality in Canada.   Celebrity would allow smoking in designated places - i.e. right have of a lounge.   Royal Caribbean had two places inside the ship (one piano lounge and gambling area), and on Carnival you could smoke anywhere even around the kids. 


9 - Shows - Celebrity Mercury and Carnival had the best shows - For me I'm interested in dancing and great costumes, while Royal Caribbean had comics, jugglers & such which I was so-so with.


10 - Ship events - Celebrity had dance lessons every 2nd day as did Carnival - they were just fun stuff - throw 20 moves at you and go for it.   These events are packed and on small floors


11 - Dance floors - Celebrity Mercury won with a great downstairs floor and good upstairs floor and every 45 minutes we moved from one floor to another as the bands spelled each other off.  Carnival had on lower decent floor, and Royal Caribbean had one decent wood floor and a central marble floor.  Each ship had a separate Disco which had plastic/metal/marble flooring - not great for structured dancing.


12 - Bands - Celebrity Mercury won with an excellent duo, an extremely versatile 5 piece band from Santa Lucia, and a great Big band.   Carnival sometimes had a salsa/reggae band by the pool, and an awful band in the lower deck that new one set of songs they repeated each night.   Royal Caribbean had one good band and one great band.  All ships also had classical guitarists & piano players in different lounges but none of that was danceable.


13 - Formal - Celebrity and Carnival had one formal night, while Royal Caribbean had two.


14 - Food - You can eat as much as you want on cruises.   You can have two entrees at each meal or four deserts.   All ships have a main dining room, and an upper very large smorgasbord style restaurant.   My favorite for food quality in all respects was Celebrity Mercury, followed by Royal Caribbean, and then Carnival.  Waiters in the main dining room on Celebrity and Royal Caribbean were much more attentive and detail oriented.  We never saw the Head Waiter on the Carnival, but he wanted a tip at the end.   To get fabulous dining on Carnival you needed to spend $25.00 per person on a meal at Davids restaurant.  Royal Caribbean also had a "who-done-it" dinner restaurant, and a Steakhouse restaurant - both of which you pay for. 


15 - Bar Service - Top notch on Celebrity and Royal Caribbean as the waiters were very attentive.  On the Royal Caribbean the tip of 15% is included in all drinks.  They also had daily specials which were delicious.


16 - Gyms - Each ship had good workout gyms essential to keeping in top dance condition.


17 - Welcome aboard - Celebrity welcomed you aboard with your choice of a glass of wine or orange juice - a very nice touch.


18 - Tipping - Expect to pay your stateroom attendance about $75.00 and your main waiter the same, with smaller amounts to the assistant waiter and a much smaller amount to the Head Waiter.  


19 - Internet - Internet on the cruises is satellite, slow and expensive.  Wait till you hit port then use the really cheap and fast Internet cafe's. 


20 - Activities - Carnival had lots of fun stuff happening every day in addition to all the other things you normally get.   But on every ship there are Art Auctions every day, singles meetups, "how to" seminars, talks from interesting guests, low end dance lessons, Bingo, card & board games... in addition to areas just for kids, and more


21 - Sun tanning - Celebrity and Carnival had areas for adults only - i.e. topless sun tanning, but which some of us used for a nice really quiet place (kid free) to relax!


22 - Upgrades - Carnival often offers room upgrades, and last minute bargains often will offer upgrade perks


23 - Inside vs balcony - You pay more for balcony's, however if you're like me and use your cabin for sleeping because you're so busy all over the ship, then a balcony is a waste of time.  However, some report that a balcony is a good idea with cruises such as Panama