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Great Dancing comes

from Great Music!


Welcome to our dance!
If you're used to cramped dance floors, intimidating atmoshpere's, and DJ's who don't introduce the music
or interact with their dancers...   We've been doing something unique to the dance world which is to

"Create an upscale dance experience for Ballroom, Latin, Swing and Country dancers"

We have the largest "Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Country" dance floor in the lower mainland

This is the full hall which we rent for our bigger dances - Valentines, Anniversary, Christmas and New Years. 
If we get enough dancers on a regular basis we'd like to rent the entire room for every dance.  
From table to table is 34 feet.   Many dances have a 75 foot long floor while the bigger dances
are 105 feet long.   The Chandelier in the middle we installed in Dec 2006.   It was a $3,000 chandelier
that we picked up for a little over $1,100 paid partly through donations from dancers and the rest by us.