Great Dancing comes

from Great Music!


My Dances

Simply put you come to our dances because you want to dance to incredible and inspiring music and are tired of dancing on cramped dance floors at dances with no personality!

Dancers Comments 
Thank you for the great dance on June 23  ..  simply marvelous .. 
&  the music  ..  WOW  ..
All lessons are Intermediate/Advanced levelsKeep up the good work  ..  V&B   MORE HERE!

All Lessons at my dances are courtesy of Robyn & Donn Picard
Intermediate dance lesson 7-8 pm
Dancing 8pm - 11pm (sometimes 11:30 if there are still dancers dancing)

ALL my dances are held at the

"RMSS Ballroom" - 12150 - 224th St Maple Ridge

My upcoming 2017 dances

Jan 21 - Jive

Feb 11 Valentines - NC 2-step

March 18 - WCS

April 22 - Country 2-step

May 20 - NO LESSON

Jun 17 - Cha Cha

Jul 29 - Foxtrot

Aug 26 - Slow Waltz

Sep 16 - Salsa

Oct 14 - Bachata DATE CHANGE

Nov 4 - Street Hustle

Nov 25 Xmas - Rumba

Dec 31 2018

Dance Info
$20.00 per person
$30 Xmas & Valentines
Includes FREE!
Int/Adv Lessons
 The largest food and refreshement layout in the lower mainlandAVAILABLE ALL NIGHT

Table Reservations available upon request, send me an email

Who Can come?

This is a dance for dancers of all ages, novice to professional. We promote a fun, inclusive atmosphere.
Median age range is 45-65, but we have dancers from 20-85
 This is NOT a "couples" dance. All singles are welcome.
Male dancers are always in demand, but remember this is Ballroom/Latin/Swing/Country dancing, not freestyle dancingLadies are always welcome, but I would add this:

1 - This is the new age - if you want to dance - ASK someone. I've gotten a lot of emails saying essentially:
"I'd love to come out but I don't expect to ask men to dance, and I just don't want to sit all night bored"
My response is "This isn't a dance cruise, we don't hire dance hosts"
2 - We love beginners, but there is an expectation that:

- If you LOVE dancing, you'll have taken lessons (as we have)
- NO MAN is born knowing how to lead:
- and only a handful of ladies have natural abilities to follow without taking lessons

If you've taken lessons in a variety of dances the mans job to lead is immeasurably easier -
and more FUN
Otherwise we're just pushing you around the floor counting down for the song to end.

THE MUSIC & Interactive DJ

My background - I have my Grade 10 Conservatory of Music in Piano.   I played as a professional musician for over 15 years playing keyboards, guitar and bass.   I have an EXTENSIVE music collection spanning over 70 years of music.  I constantly listen for new and interesting music.  Music You'll LOVE to dance to!As a DJ I entertain my crowd and make your visit as fun and interesting as possible.  EVERY dance my dancers come up to me and thank Bertha and I for these dances and many tell me how much they LOVED the music - or they send me emails telling me how much fun they had!

- Generally from 8-10pm the music is new, innovative and interesting

- From 10-11:15 we play great music including old favourites and take requests which we can play as the NEXT song!

This is not tired old 50's/60's ballroom music played at other dances

This is FUN music

- We play several really FUN line dances each dance. You don't have to join in, but can dance as you want
Large well maintained wooden floor 34' x 75' in size for most dances and when I rent the whole room 34' x 100' in size. When we use the whole floor we have the largest dance floor in the lower mainland
In Dec 2006 we purchased and mounted a beautiful chandelier for our dances
Dress Code
Simple - no rules, just dress appropriately as all dancers do
New Years
Our NY dances are affordable, fun and open to all dancers