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Great Dancing comes

from Great Music!





New Years 2012 (Dec 31, 2011)





$55.00 p/p

# guests



NOT be a meal, but Veggies, Fruits, crackers, Desserts and LOTS of cheese!  Each table will have a bottle of red & white wine.  Non-alcoholic fruit punch also available

Elegance & Theme

Wine and Cheese

Doors Open



7:30 - 1:00am

Fun Stuff

Tables were decorated nicely with balloons and lights facing upward



Our big themed dances were a lot of fun and something we don't think had ever been done in the lower mainland before.   But dance attendance had dropped since the 2009 recession started and it takes a lot of volunteers to do what we'd done - not to mention all the time during the year Bertha and I prepare and purchase stuff for these dances, so we thought we'd try something different, thus a "Wine and Cheese" theme, with some nice simple decoration.


So we just danced, with no hula hoop or Limbo contests after midnight.


I don't have many pictures this year as I didn't have an official photographer.