New Years 2013

Great Dancing comes

from Great Music!



Great Dancing comes

from Great Music!



 New Years 2013 (Dec 31, 2012)





$35.00 p/p to Dec 8, $40.00 p/p to Dec 30, $45.00 at the door

# guests



NOT be a meal, but Veggies, Fruits, crackers, buns, cheese, meats, desserts, plus non-advertised hot food.  We went overboard on the food and asked party-goers to take doggie bags home, which they gladly did!  Non-alcoholic fruit punch along with Tim Horton's coffee, Starbucks teas, lemonade, iced tea, and assorted pop.  Fruit punch was Orange juice, Pineapple juice, grenadine, gingerale and fruit slices.

Elegance & Theme


Doors Open



7:00 - 1:00am (most showed up by 8:00pm)

Fun Stuff

Tables were decorated nicely with balloons and lights facing upward



Normally, by the time New Years happens, Bertha and I are worn out with all the planning.  Almost every New Years I've had a sleep deprivation headache, this year was different!   With help from dance friends Debbie, Elaine, Vicki, and Bob, Bertha and I were able to leave the hall early and have a little downtime. 


This year I didn't issue tickets, but just put people on a list.   This was a non-alcohol event which only caused one person to cancel. 


A couple of days buying & preparing the food, half a day to decorate, two full days pouring through my best music proved to be a winning combination! Despite previous years when we totally transformed the room and spent months in preparation, this was our simplest New Years preparation ever which left many saying it was the best New Years event they'd ever been to!  Interestingly no teachers showed up this year so in the end the students just came out and cut loose! 


Thank you again for all who came out and helped make this a great night!



Our lovely door greeters Debbie & Kathy

2/3rds of our food layout

Lemonade, Fruit punch, brand name pop, cranberry juice

Filtered water, Iced tea, Starbucks teas, hot apple cider

Tim Horton's regular & decaf, hot chocolate

The stuff New Years resolutions are made for!

The healthier side

Salad, cheeses, meats, buns fruit

Pick your hat and noise maker

Popular place to take pictures

Bertha & Lynn had these lying around

Some rich guy and his trophy wife (lol!)

The section of the night I call "Girls just wanna have fun"!   Guys are barred from the floor unless they're holding a camera

Jim helps with a line dance

Each table poured their own Sparkling Apple juice

Arthur Murray Coquitlam & White Rock out in full force! (Thank you Sandi & Diane)

Happy, Happy, Happy


More pictures

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