New Years 2014

Great Dancing comes

from Great Music!



 New Years 2014 (Dec 31, 2013)





$45.00 p/p to Dec 8, $50.00 p/p to Dec 30, $50.00 at the door

# guests



NOT be a meal, but Veggies, Fruits, crackers, buns, cheese, meats, desserts, plus non-advertised hot food.  Tim Horton's coffee, Starbucks teas, lemonade, iced tea, and assorted brand name pop, with filtered water.

Elegance & Theme

Simple but Elegant, with sparkling apple juice and hats and party favors at midnight

Doors Open



7:30 - 12:30am



Simple decorations can be beautiful.   We had cloth tablecloths and chair covers, with featured light cylinders on each table.  Help from dance friends Debbie, Vicki, and Bob proved invaluable as Bertha's decorator friend Lynn was on a cruise.


Again, this year I didn't issue tickets, but just put people on a list.  No alcohol was served, which might partly explain why Cascades was sold out at 250 tickets @ $60 plus GST and gratuities, even though our dance was $45.00!


I had a couple of requests for a WCS mixer, but had a very bad NY experience with it a few years back and swore I'd never do a WCS mixer on NY again.  People request things sometimes that just aren't appropriate for my dances - like Paso Dobe, and other such dances that will instantly clear a floor with only one or two couples on the floor.  If I play something I want 15 or more couples on the floor.   Dead space is a DJ's nightmare. 


However for this NY dance at least, the WCS mixer was as popular as usual. 


I'm happy to report that every dance I get many great comments on the music and this night was no exception.  However just before midnight when I asked how the dancers liked the music, decorations & food, Bertha is proud to say that she got the biggest applause!   As well she should, she went all out as it took her three days to just get the preparations all together.


It was good to see the Arthur Murray crowd come out again, along with Byron Starr & Judy, Donn Picard, Maggie Bretton and Carlos Loyola, in addition to all our wonderful regulars who make these events successful and a great night!   And thanks to all the special people who stayed a little longer and helped us take everything down.


Our lovely door greeters Debbie & Kathy

Our special tree

Snowed all night




Huge dance floor 100 x 34'

All the food and drinks

Lots of dancers got their pictures taken next to our tree

We played 6 line dances throughout the night

Finally, after midnight we sang Auld Lang Syne, where we lik arms together and sing along with James Taylor