New Years 2016

Great Dancing comes

from Great Music!




New Years 2015 (Dec 31, 2014)





$50.00 p/p to Dec 8, $60.00 p/p to Dec 30 or drop in

# guests



BETTER than a Dine & Dance!

Elegance & Theme

Simple & Elegant, with sparkling apple juice and hats and party favors at midnight

Doors Open



7:30 - 12:45am



This year I had no idea what Bertha and her wedding designer friend Lynn had in store for decorations, but they assured me it would be very nice and in fact it was gorgeous and got lots of great compliments from our dancers.   From a high of 199 attendees at our 4th New Years dance Dec 2008, 98 for our 10th Anniversary dance was a little disappointing, considering Cascades was sold out three weeks ahead of NY!  


Bertha spent two days preparing the food, I spent a day choosing the best music I could and we were helped in our Dec 31 setup by Robyn and her children, Debbie Beattie, and Bob Brandow.  As with so many we know, Bertha and I weren't feeling 100% that week and our friend Lynn and her husband Rich did a really nice stage display despite her being very ill. 


Again, this year I didn't issue tickets, but just put people on a list.  Maybe Cascades was sold out because you could drink, gamble and stay overnight, but that comes at a cost also - my price was $11-18 less and...   well you can see the pictures to see why our dance was special!


We got so many great compliments on the music, the food and the decor, we'd like to thank everyone who came out and partied with us and hope to see you all next year!   For Bertha and I the night ended after unloading at 2:30am, and my feet were so sore I didn't think I'd get to sleep!


After 10 years we'd give big thanks to some of our dance friends who've been to all 10 of our New Years dances - Chris Rasmussen, Debbie Beatty, Ted & Christ8ne Yeoh, Zale Hammren and Vicky Mason.  


We decorated each table with a Phalaenopis Orchid.   Most were white, a few were purple.  We gave one to each of our 10 year veterans, Maggie and Donn for supporting all our dances, Steve & Elaine for helping us at every dance, and Kathy and Debbie (below) for being our door greeters at every NY dance.   The rest we gave away as a draw.   Depending where you buy these they're worth $30-40 each!


There was SO much food and it was out all night.   Featuring, 5 flavors of bagged chips, Snapea Crisps, 4 other types of chips and tortilla's, toffee's, toasted coconut cashews, pralines, guacamole and salsa dip, three types of chocolates, mixed cheesecakes, Yule log, big cookie & biscuit platter, home made gluten free chocolate cake, big platter of mixed deserts & tarts, more gluten free deserts, a chocolate fountain surrounded by all sorts of cut up fruit and toothpicks, a whole section of fruits, cheese's and a home made cheese ball, a big fruit salad and various toppings including Dream Whip, different types of crackers, shrimp dip, anti-pasta, rolled mini sandwich's, different cheeses, two different types of Chinese crackers, assorted pickles & olives, different types of breads including sourdough bread & spinach dip, mango chutney, 2 different platter of veggies, smoked oysters, sausage slices, pepperoni, shrimp platter, more rolled sandwiches, rolls of ham, mini sausages, and bread/cheese/sliced sausage, roasted red pepper hummus and finally dinner rolls sour dough bread and real butter.


We also served some hot food - Italian style beef meatballs, Hor's d'Oeuvre Quartette, 4 types of mini quiche, Sausage Rolls, and delicious chili.


For refreshments we had Tim Horton's regular and decaf coffee, 22 different teas including Starbucks Tazo, 10 different Brand name pops, Cranberry Juice, lemonade, iced tea, and Aqua Fresh filtered water.


Our lovely door greeters Debbie & Kathy (last years pic)

So much food we needed four tables

This This was so pretty dancers took group pictures in front of it

Lots of White Orchids

and a few Purple Orchids

Ballroom, Latin, Country, Swing & a few fun line dances!

Countdown, toast and party favors and time for pictures and congrats

We had a table at the back of the room with party favors, whistles & hats PLUS flower leis and shell necklace's for all!