Great Dancing comes

from Great Music!



Great Dancing comes

from Great Music!



NOTE:  This is a lot of work and I haven't kept up with the comments although EVERY dance people stop to tell us how much they loved the music, the food, the hall and the ambience!   Just to let you know we're doing better than ever, here's a couple more we received early 2015:



Jul 26 - H and I had a wonderful time at your dance last night! H&W


Jul 26 - Just wanted to say we had a fun time dancing last night. Wish we could have the extra space all the time. My second table consisted of six dancing friends, all first timers, from the Vancouver Ballroom. They enjoyed the music and dancing too. They will be coming again as I told them this is where I hang out once a month. Thanks Ray and Bertha for all your effort and time in creating a real nice place for us dancers. S&M


Jun 20 2015 - Thanks Ray, that was a great dance!   Just as I was thinking my feet were too sore to dance anymore you played another great song!  I love all your music, but tonight was just the best.. P&E


Mar 24 2015

Thank you Ray and Bertha for such a lovely evening. Was a lot of fun. We will be back for the next one and already have a group of friends we are bringing out. Ray, can you give me the names of the linedances that were danced? We are going to learn them for next time. Awesome! Thx again  CF

Mar 22 2015

Dear Ray, (and Bertha, Robyn, Mike and your team of "elves"), We would like to thank you for a wonderful evening of dance!   Last night was the first of your dances we attended, thanks to our friend DF.  We certainly hope to get your next event.... We truly appreciated the beautiful music, lesson, and mixers. What a great opportunity for people to meet.  The snacks were delicious (and so plentiful, we had to be sure to get exercise between treats!). What a wonderful gift you are giving those who share your obvious love of dance. Thank you, J & B



March 12 2008


Hi Ray:  "Happy Anniversary" and thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the dance sport that we love so much!   The Arthur Murray group are again planning on attending your dance on March 15th and our constant elation and positive "word of mouth praise for your dances" has got our numbers growing!  Could you please reserve 4 tables for us?   (We were very crowded last dance (no fault of yours at all) because they didn't advise me ahead of time that they were all attending.  I have confirmation for about 30 so far so if I could just tentatively book an extra table for "stragglers" that would be great.  I can confirm by tomorrow (or Friday if its not too inconvenient for you).  Thanks again Ray and we'll see you on Saturday.  Happy Dancing!  NB


March 9 2008


Ray,  Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful service you are offering to all the dancers on this list of yours!  Today’s Daily Thought that I get every day applies to you.  Today's Thought:  "What we have done for ourselves dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."  -- Albert Pike --  Thank you for doing what you do!  - AS


New Years 2007


I too on behalf of both Dawn and I want to thank you for a wonderful New Years Eve Party. And thank you for the opportunity to dance for all of you. Dawn and I were both thrilled to dance and be part of your most wonderful evening.   You are doing a wonderful service for the dance community.  THANK YOU    Sincerely HM


Hi Ray.  We new all along that a lot of work goes on for these occasions to run smoothly.  We were involved on the executive in square dancing.  So thank you for all your work.  New Years was fun.  When you go to all the work of  noting all the verses of Auld Lang Syng never had seen them before...please leave some lights on!! (Good idea for next year-RJ)  Thanks very much. S

Hi Ray.  I also wanted to have an opportunity to say thanks for all the organizing that you do all year long.  We were not able to join you last new years, but found ourselves saying (after this year), that we cannot miss another.  Thanks so much, the evening was a night to remember :o)  Thanks again. S.


Hi Ray. Thank you so very much for a really classy New Years Eve , first rate. We both had our silver, black and pink duds, and danced the night away. That meal was fabulous. Usually catered dinners are sort of so-so, but that one was excellent. And the belly dancer, what a show, all were fascinated and we got a few pics of her. To top it off we won an 18" pink panther! It will be difficult for you to top that next year. Again thank you Ray, without you and Bertha and your son, it would not happen. We are lucky you are so dedicated to this for us. Have a great New Year. D&R.


Hi Ray:  Just want to thank you for the great evening.  We appreciate all the work that goes into the New Years' dance.  The entertainment was good, also the food and everything else that went off during the evening.   The Arthur Murray group all enjoyed the evening - I believe there was around 30 of us who attended.  Once again thanks for dances that you put on during the year and we are looking forward to a great 2008!!    Happy New Year.  J&C F


Hi Ray.  Just to thank you for a wonderful New Years Party, we both agreed that we had the best time, it must have been so much work for you, everything was fine tuned. Looking forward to next year. thanks again Ray.  D&M K.

Happy New Year Ray  &  Bertha,  THANK YOU  SOOOOO  MUCH  for a perfectly,  lovely evening !    It was as perfect as perfect gets  ..  haaaa !    Happiest New Year to both of you also !  PS  I love my Pink Panther !  


Hi Ray.  The New Years dance was such a success....again!.  We had a great time and I am already looking forward to Next Years!  Thanks so much and see you at the next dance!   NB

Thanks for the great New Year's event you planned again this year! The pink theme was really stunning and encouraged some extra-fancy costuming and fun!  V&R


Just wanted to express our gratitude for a wonderful New Year's Eve dinner/dance.  The food was excellent as were the decorations, music and program.  We particularly enjoyed that you showcased local talent and businesses in the floor show.  All in all a terrific night out.  Sincerely  J&P E


Just wanted to express our gratitude for a wonderful New Year's Eve dinner/dance.  The food was excellent as were the decorations, music and program.  We particularly enjoyed that you showcased local talent and businesses in the floor show.  All in all a terrific night out.  Sincerely.  J&P E


Many thanks for the New Year's Eve dinner/dance.  It's great success was obviously due to the hard work of you and your helpers.  This effort was not lost on those of us at table 6 where every touch was appreciated and one of us even won a pink panther.  Continued success to you and your crew in 2008.  You have a winning formula. Thanks, and Happy New Year,  JF



Sept 2007


Hi Ray,  Glad to hear about the live bands and Cadence coming back - they do great at catering to the dance crowd - everyone seems to be happy.  Thanks again for your good work and keeping us in our dance shoes.  S&G



Getting ready for New Years - After Oct 27 2007 dance


R&I loved that band last night, Luna Rossa. Both are great performers, great voices and enthusiastic with a wide repertoire. Hope they come back again. R&D

Hi Ray:  First of all I would like to thank you on behalf of the "Arthur Murray group" for the great dance you held this evening.  It was most enjoyable and the band and music was great...  Thanks once again for a great evening. CF


Hi, Ray-We’re really looking forward to the News Years Dance again.  You always do such an amazing job, and we really appreciate all the time and effort you put into things.  Thank you again for all your hard work – which allows all of us to have tremendous fun - JD


Ray, We LOVE your dances and I'm so glad you are going back to the "old" way of mixing swing/latin/ballroom.  (What, no Hiphop? ..just kidding!)..  Also, NEW YEARS!  We're going to have such a wonderful turnout and we're so excited.  We had a FABULOUS time last year.  So many other members are now interested in attending because of our stories of how great EVERYTHING was last, entertainment, food, not too crowded to dance, and the chance to "ring in the new year" with so many old-time and new-found friends is immeasurable.  Thank you so much for making these memories possible for us! - NB


July 2007 dance


Ray - I thought it was one of the best nights and we loved your choice of music although I had some trouble getting the beat right to the rumba’s that were not of a Latin nature but will work on it.  R&D


Thank you for the great dance on June 23  ..  simply marvelous ..  &  the music  ..  WOW  .. Keep up the good work  ..  V&B


Hi Ray.  We were a bit apprehensive about the April 21 dance when we learned it was primarily a swing band. It is not something we do,....yet. But we went on your word that there would be a variety of Cha Cha, Rumba, Waltz, Jive, etc., and there was. had a great time as always. See you on the 19th May.  D&R

Thank you for everything, you made our weekend so fun. We have been going thru some terrible stuff over the past two years and a break out of our daily routine has brought some real joy into our life.  Dancing is one way to escape even if it is only brief.  JG


Bruce James Orchestra dance


Hey Ray, nice dance you have there, loved the floor, the selection of music, and the other dancers. Friendly atmosphere, lots of room, and the band was great. Had a great time at the April 21st dance, best I've been to - looking forward to the next one - M


I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the dance this past Saturday night! I also wanted to thank you for all the effort you continuously put in. Your dedication is greatly appreciated by the dance community of Maple Ridge and I personally attribute a large amount of my own dancing success to the practice I've had while attending the Saturday night dances. Thank you very much!  RB

Hi Ray, We actually both agreed for once that Maple Ridge is lucky to somebody like you being so enthusiastic and knowledgeable to organize the dances that we enjoy so much. Thanks again S&E



A good ending to a great evening of dancing; thank you for all the energy, time and enthusiasm you put into making these dances happen!! J&J B


Thank you Ray for hosting another high quality event.  We enjoyed everything.  JT & EH

Hi Ray - Saturday evening was a roaring SUCCESS!  I would like to order 3 tickets for the dance on April 21 featuring "The Bruce James Orchestra". I will forward a cheque in the amount of $60.00.  We will be with the TriCities Arthur Murray group.  AG


We had a wonderful time at the dance! We were amongst the 65 still dancing at 1130. However, we didn't stay to the end as they were folding up the tables and stacking chairs while we were dancing which certainly did destroy the wonderful ambience that you had created. Otherwise we would have stayed until the music ended.  D&J


Thanks Ray for the great Valentines dance.  The Arthur Murray group thoroughly enjoyed it.  J


New Years 2006


Hi, Ray. Just a note to say "Thank You" for a very nice New Year’s evening. The decorations were outstanding and the food delicious. I really appreciate being able to reserve seats in advance. Also, my compliments to you on your show dance performances.  MJ


Hi Ray,  This is a good one for you and your girlfriend, Bertha, doing the Salsa that night which I thought was enjoyable and fun.  Happy New Year again.  P&IY


Hi Ray:  I think you did an incredible job putting the dance together for New Years.  It was a great night and it was so nice for this event to be local. CL


It's GREAT that you keep your sense of humor...keep those e-mails coming.  Keep up the good work and positive attitude. Have a GREAT and Melodic New Year..Best regards...  BC


Hi Ray,  JT and I would like to take a moment to thank you for all your hard work and commitment to creating a beautiful evening of entertainment for New Years' Eve. We found it to be a wonderful support of our dance community---who so appreciates a pleasant, smoke-free, and spacious venue---to dance.   I am not on your mailing list, but would like to receive an e-mail when you are holding next years' New Years' Eve Dance, as we would very much like to attend again.  EH


I thought you and your posse did an amazing job!  You should be very proud of yourselves.  Gary and I had a great time, even though I was sick with a virus!  We would definitely attend in 2007!!!!!!  Sincerely, K&GS


Hello Ray:  There were 19 of us from the Arthur Murray studio (all at different levels of dance) and I have heard nothing but positive comments from everyone.  A number of years ago I too had my own Wedding business, decorating etc.  and event planning.  So I appreciate all the hard work that it takes to put on an event of that magnitude.  Right down to the last detail - you all did an awesome job!!  Cosmic catering - the meal I thought was great, lots of food, and as I am not really a dessert person I cannot comment on the dessert!  However, many from our tables enjoyed dessert.  At our studio many of the students that did not attend  commented that it appeared that they had missed a great event.   J&CF


J and I had a wonderful time and wish to thank you so much.  Our New Years was wonderful and we were able to share it with friends that we love. The decorations, food and entertainment was great.  I thought the evening was so much fun, thanks to all of you.  As for New Year's Resolutions, I'm still working on that.  Thanks again,  J&G


Hi Ray:  So sorry to hear about all your troubles re new years eve dance I would just like to say I had an incredible time and as this time of year does not hold great memories for myself and alot of other peolpe, it's the best one I have had for years, so a huge thank you!   I think you did a fabulous job and hope you continue to do so for many more years!.  CJ


Dear Ray,  We were very sorry to hear of some difficulties that happened at the dance.  Donna and I thought it was a super event.  Very well organized, beautifully decorated and great food.  The whole  evening; from the food to the selection of dances, was just great.  It was a_ FIRST CLASS_  event and you should be receiving compliments   We have had several friends and family say that they would be interested in coming to next New Years Eve.  Anyway, THANK YOU again for a wonderful evening,  B&W


Hi! Ray.  You do not personally know us, but Robyn know us.N&O.  All 8 of us for New Year's party we really enjoyed everything you done, we were really impressed. The room was well decorated, the food excellent, good choice of music and we like to see you performing dances, it was a good show.  We hope you'll doing that again next year and count on us for the next year.  Sincerely, N&O, JL, GR,  B&J  HAPPY NEW YEAR


Ray.  The vast majority of us appreciate the hard work you put into this event. I am also sure that the vast majority enjoyed the event. It was affordable (as you mentioned), the food was more than good (do dancers really care for food ? ), the wine and spirits were also reasonably priced, and best of all - we could actually MOVE around the floor. Yes, everybody has their own idea of what a varied music selection is - personally I would have had more ballroom. But that does not mean that I was unhappy or that I did not have a good time or that I will complain. Not at all. You have a nice core of non-snobbish people that are there to enjoy themselves first and foremost. Having been to a few other places all I can say is that you try to keep it that way. It is people like you that keep these events going and make dancing attractive to beginners.  Just my 2 cents. Thanks for all the hard work. We will continue to drop by occasionally.  Happy New Year from G&B


Ray,  C and I had a great time (we sat with Donn and Robyn's table).  I was worried about a seven hour function as usually we have had enough in about 4 hours, however, the time just flew and we really enjoyed ourselves.   The decorations were beautiful and the dance floor full, but not too crowded.  Lots of variety in the music.  I am confident that the vast majority enjoyed themselves  C&J


Hi Ray:  Thanks for all the work you put into it. This year was even better then last year!  It is such a pleasure to have something fun and active to do on New Years. V&RH


It is a huge undertaking and everyone at our table appreciated all the efforts of you and your team. Your courage and confidence to perform was inspiring and entertaining. You made this large event seem very intimate, friendly and comfortable. Everything from the very pleasant caterers, excellent and abundant menu offerings, accommodating photographer and fabulous variety of music, mixers, dances and beautiful space added up to the best new year's eve we have ever had! YR&TF


Ray  First, I would like to thank you for such as enjoyable New Year's Eve Party.  Glad we heard about it and were able to obtain tickets.  LA


Hi Ray,  I just want to thank you for a great New Year's evening.  Bill and I enjoyed ourselves immensely.  Everything was lovely.  It made our evening away from our friends so much more enjoyable because everyone was so friendly.   Thanks again.  Please add us to your email list so we can get the info about dance while we are in BC.  We look forward to more dancing soon.  Thanks again   B&B from Saskatchewan.


Hi Ray, thanks for all the hard work for organizing the New Year's Eve party, it was fabulous with incredible decors

and the food was excellent.  The singing group was also wonderful. Last but not least the Dance Demos were expertly

done !! congratulations.  S&EC


By the by, it was a wonderful success in my opinion and according to many comments I heard. You didn't a wonderful job of dancing with your partners and it was a pleasant, casual feeling, comfortable for all evening. There was enough mixing up of things to have everyone feel that had things to do
and were a part of it.......I thought.  KB


Ray - Thanks for all your efforts putting these together.  We do appreciate it.  R&DS


First of all I would like to thank you for the wonderful New Years Eve Dance.  Everything was great and I know our group thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  The food, decorations, table centers were fantastic - you did a great job!  C&J


New Years 2006

Great New Years Dance!  Atmosphere electric, Decorations stunning, food plenty & delicious, dance space comfortable, demo's fun & entertaining.   All in all I would say you and your helpers put on a great night - DP


Thanks for all your efforts in making last night an exceptional evening for all, in every way -DS


Hi Ray, Bertha & crew.  Happy New Year and congratulations for a very successful party.  You have transformed the hall to a beautiful venue to celebrate this memorable occasion.  We, with our dance buddies had a wonderful time. We appreciate all the hard work, effort and absolute dedication to organize the event. We look forward to attend your monthly dances, and will not hesitate to bring new friends who like us, love to dance.  Sincerely C&TY


Dear Ray, thanks for the New Year's dance  --  we had fun!  JD


Oct 2006


Hi Ray:  We thought you did a wonderful job Saturday night. The "live band" I think went over absolutely wonderful, and they played beautifully.  I hope you will have them back again.  We didn't do so good at dancing, we forgot a lot of the steps, but we will have to practice harder. Gosh, it's hard to remember all the steps.  I guess it doesn't come easy to us, but we keep on trying.  But I spoke to Bertha and told her what a wonderful job she does with the food. You both do a great job every time that we have been there. I know you work very hard to make a great success of the dances and it shows. 

 Thank you so much for all your hard work.   Sincerely, E&E


Just wanted to let you know that we had a great time at the dance on October 21st. "Cadence" were excellent - but we think people need to be reminded to applaud a live band!
Thanks for organizing such an entertaining evening - JD


We really appreciate you getting the "Ballet for Ballroom dancers" course up and organized, you're really helping to make a difference in dancing in our neck of the woods!  - H


June 2006




May 2006


Just want to let you know - you do a beautiful job on the dances.  We have been there 3 times now, and we are starting to improve in our dancing.  I don't know why we didn't come before.  Certain steps if we forget them we can practice in one of the corners and it is surprising how fast it comes back.  I would like to learn how to do the Country 2 Step.  I am arranging something with Robyn and hope to be able to do it soon.  You picked a good place to have the dances.  And Bertha does a wonderful job on the food that you have. Just wanted to let you know - that's all.  Take care, hope to see you in June.  L


March 2006

Hi Ray!  We think you and Robin are doing an awesome job getting people out and that you really have accomplished a lot in a short amount of time.  We started lessons a year ago and we are hooked.  We would come to every dance if we could.  The only reason we don’t is time, prior commitments too often get in the way. We come for the exercise, social aspect and pure joy of dancing.  We really enjoy your music and once we know enough dances we plan to be up dancing to every song.  We greatly appreciate the dance cue cards on the stage; it is a big encouragement and help to us beginners.  Thank-you for all you do Ray.  GB


New Years

Hello Ray, The New Year Eve Party was wonderful and successful, I and my wife Janice were enjoyable very much.Thanks J&J


Thanks, It was a very  good Dance and we had a great Time.  It was nice not to be crammed in with too many bodies. Commendable effort by you and your good friends!!!!  - DP




Happy New Year Ray and thank-you for the wonderful New Year’s Dance!  We had a lovely time.  Your dances, next one January 14th, are there any lessons or themes?  Many thanks for all you do. - D&G


Hi Ray, Congratulation on a job well done !  And yes! just like all the other people at your dance mentioned, we had a fabulous time and one of best New Year's Eve party ever.  Can't wait for next year's. Love the photos but are there more ? See you on the 14th Jan  Thanks again for the gift certificate , We will sure enjoy that. Hope you and Bertha will have a chance to take a break and do some dancing   S&E


Hi Ray, So have you recuperated yet?   The pictures are great!!!   Nice anchor form in the West Coast shot with Bertha.   I'd love to see all the pics Trevor took one of these days.  Thanks again for such a wonderful night to remember we all had blast!!!!  I feel bad I didn't stick around and help pack up but you know, it took two days, no joke, for my feet to return to there normal size and shape!!! My feet are just not used to heels and they don't want to get used to heels!!!   D was very disappointed about missing out on your presentations.  You know, I can smell that big beautiful arrangement in any room in the house including the second I walk in the door from the bottom of the stairs!!!!   Simply gorgeous, and certainly the largest arrangement I've ever gotten!!!  I was very touched to watch you give thanks to not just me but to Bertha and all the others as well.   You're a real quality guy Ray, that has touched so many lives in so many ways.  R


Hi Ray,  It was a wonderful night on New Years Eve. People worked exceptionally hard for that event and it looked lovely and the food was very nice.   - K


Oct 2005 - Hello Ray!  L & I are excited about the New Years dance,  will be coming in tux & gown.  Thanks for the time you spend organizing these type of dances for us.  See you tonight at the activity center.  - J & L


July 2005 - You got dumped into the trash can with the change of names - Kathy B  (Thanks Kathy, I love you too! - Ray J)