Great Dancing comes

from Great Music!



Great Dancing comes

from Great Music!



Info on "I-Love-To-Dance" dances


  • Who can come? - Anyone who can dance, age is not a criterion.  We've had teens and dancers in their 80's at our dances.  The majority of dancers are aged 40-60 usually.

  • Where are they held? - See the picture in the top right of your screen?   12150 - 224th Street Maple Ridge.   Map & driving directions HERE    This is the Activity Center at what some refer to as ECRA, RfMSS or Ridge Meadows Seniors Society.  I am not affiliated with them, I just rent their room!

  • Chandelier - In December 2006, I purchased a beautiful chandelier, got some donations from dancers, and dance friend Zale Hammren installed it, and now we have a room that truly has a beautiful ballroom feel to it.

  • Prices - Dances have been $20.00 per person for most dances that don't feature a live band.   Other dances such as Valentines and Xmas are bigger events with more stuff and generally $30 p/p

  • Eats & drinks - Dance price alwasy includes a large food layout that no one else at any other dance offers.   This includes Aqua Fresh filtered spring water, tea, Tim Horton's coffee and Tim Horton's decaf, Starbucks Teas, plus assorted brand name pops, lemonade and Iced Tea.

  • Alcohol - all our dances since 2012 are "dry"

  • Parking - There is substantial parking, although please don't park on the South side which is for residents in the apartments above.  The south side is the right hand parking lot as you drive in.

  • MUSIC - This is what makes my dance different from every other dance anywhere.  If you dance and don't care what the music is, then there are dozens of places to dance, but if fabulous music makes you dance 100% better then you need to come to my dances.   95% of the music I play is Top 40 contemporary music suitable for Ballroom & Swing dancing.  I have a CD player that can speed up or slow down songs as needed.

  • Atmosphere - This is a dance for novice to professional dancers.  The atmosphere is casual even at my formal Valentines and New Years dances.

  • Space - Tired of dancing in sardine cans?   You'll love our spacious floor, in fact you'll be spoiled to anything else.  It's a room that's potentially (when I rent the entire hall) 5,250 square feet.   Take away room for tables, and you still have a dance floor (for our bigger dances) that's 34' wide by 105' feet long and 34' x 75' for most dances!   Try finding that anywhere else in Vancouver!   The room is also air conditioned, and in December 2006 the wood floor was refinished.

  • International vs American Social - Because of the floor size we can dance together successfully!  For dances such as Tango, Argentine Tango, most Foxtrots, most Waltz's, Quickstep..., I use music that has tempo's that are appropriate.

  • Table Reservations - For the bigger dances - generally formal dances & dances featuring live bands, you can reserve tables.  I would ask though that you reserve for 6-8 people (complete table), and someone from your party be there by 7:30 to claim your reservation.   Seating for New Years is typically 80% reserved, but all seating is pre-assigned when you purchase your tickets.   Please respect other dancers assigned seating.

  • Dress code - Formal dances are tux or suit & tie with dress pants for gents, and ladies dress to impress.  Regular dances are casual - no ripped clothes, jeans or t-shirts ever.  For the Swing dances, dress jeans are OK, but these are not codes I enforce, you'll just feel out of place!

  • Lessons - Most dances feature a one hour dance lesson usually given by Robyn Picard and/or Don Picard.  Lessons today are intermedate to advanced and are different for each dance.

  • Line dances - We know many line dances which are sometimes played at each dance. 

  • Mixers - Every dance features one mixer with two songs - 4 dance partner chages.  That is guys line up on one side, ladies on the other, they meet in the middle and travel down the center of the floor to dance.   The music I play is generally West Coast Swing.



Each Dance features:

Dance info

  • Argentine Tango

  • Bachata

  • Cha Cha

  • Country 2-step

  • Cross Step Waltz

  • Foxtrot

  • Merenge

  • Night Club 2-step

  • Rumba

  • Salsa

  • Single Rhythm Jive

  • Street Hustle

  • Triple Rhythm Jive

  • Viennese

  • Waltz

  • West Coast Swing

By Request after 10:00pm:

  • Quickstep

  • Viennese

  • Samba

  • Swanto

  • Ballroom Tango

  • Country Triple 2

Each dance will feature 3-4 really fun line dances

  • Free advanced dance lesson courtesy of Robyn Picard

  • up to 5,250 square foot hall

  • Up to 33' x 105' dance area

  • Air Conditioned

  • Fabulous wood floor

  • Snacks, Coffee, Tea's, Aqua Fresh filtered water, lemonade

  • Casual atmosphere

  • Singles & couples

  • Novice to Advanced dancers

  • Teens to Seniors

  • Saturday of each month - One dance a month

  • Casual attire

  • Doors open 6:00

  • 7:00-8:00 - Intermediate lesson

  • 8:00 to 11:30

  • Most dances $20, Valentines & Xmas $30 p/p

  • New Years announcements in September!

  • Table reservations available at all dances

  • 8:00 pm - 10:00 - Newest music you've probably never danced to!

  • 10:00-11:30 - Requests