Great Dancing comes

from Great Music!



Great Dancing comes

from Great Music!



Great Links in addition to those on the dance teachers page

Maggie Bretton - "Queen of West Coast Swing"

    - She has an excellent sound system

    - plays really great music - DJ

    - Has a dance generally every 2nd Friday in Marpole

    - has an excellent dance lesson before each dance before each dance. 

    - She's a full time teacher and offers a wide variety of lessons. 

    - Website Here


BC Swing Dance Club

    - non-profit group dedicated to West Coast Swing

    - different instructors teach lessons

    - Dances are held once or twice each month

    - Website Here


Suburban Swing

   - Jason Warner has been teaching & hosting dances since 2000

   - Sunday night dances generally have 100-200 people

   - He also sponsors weekend workshops with instructors from all over the world

   - If you LOVE Lindy Hop these dances are an absolute must

   - Website Here


Candace Zanini - Caydance Dance and Cruises for Ballroom dancers

   - Former World Champion dancer and Cruise ship host

   - Also hosts fabulous dance cruises tailored for ballroom dances

   - Website Here


Arthur Murray Ottawa Swing Dance Lessons

   - Learn to dance the Swing at Arthur Murray Dance Studios in Ottawa, Ontario where we invite you to take advantage of a first free class. We offer numerous styles including ballroom dancing and international latin dances

   - Website Here


Gwen Spinks (Vancouver Island)

   - Website Here


Bruce James Orchestra

    - My favorite big band

    - 21 piece orchestra

    - Swing yes, but they also do all the stuff ballroom dancers need too!

    - Website Here


Roca Blanca Dance Studio

    - Brian Udal and Amanda Reale

    - Group & Private lessons

    - Friday dances open to the public

    - Co-hosting dances with Joysdanceclub

    - Website Here



    - Unbelievable belly dancing teacher & showdances

    - Teaches workshops across Canada

    - She's well known throughout Europe & the Caribbean

    - Trained with Belly Dance Superstars!

    - Website Here


Link to Doug Frieson's list of places to dance!


Fabulous website for free Christmas recipies