Great Dancing comes

from Great Music!



Great Dancing comes

from Great Music!



Dance video's you MUST see!

  • Beautiful, unbelievable ballet - this is probably unlike anything you've ever seen.  The music is great, the female dancer almost superhuman with unbelievable balance, and the male dancers - you have to be in incredible physical condition to pull this stuff off.   This video redefines TRUST, especially on the ladies part!

  • He's 25, she's 84! (1990) - this was originally aired on a TV morning show called Attitudes back in 1990.   Then a music producer obtained the rights to the footage waiting for a chance to use it.   He filmed this band Coldplay against a blue background and imposed it over the footage of the two dancers.   It's very cool how the lady throws her coat on their stage and how the band appears to be watching & reacting to the dancers.   Obviously she must of been a circus performer her entire life because her agility and balance is incredible for her age.  Barbara has long since passed away,  It's too bad no one's posted anything on the web about this duo, I'd love to know more about them. 

  • Evolution of Dance (56 million+ downloads Aug 2007) - This comedian has the moves for several dozen dances from your past!

  • Not dance oriented, but very pretty song, and very powerful OFFLINE until I find it again (anti-war) - Young couple, young love, he doesn't even have money to buy ice cream.  Their idyllic life if brought to a halt when he joins the army, thinking she'll be proud of him...

  • Boogie Woogie dancing - Not only do I love boogie Woogie music, but I love whatever dance this young couple is doing!

  • Jack & Jack dancing! - Jack & Jill dancing is where, in competition you're matched up with an unknown partner and you are awarded points on how well you dance together.  This is just fun stuff - two guys dancing - REALLY FUN STUFF!  PS.  Notice Kyle Redd in here?

  • Amazing Jack & Jill winners - This is from SwingDiego 2007, very very cute - And now you see two fabulous West Coast Swing dancers Kyle Redd and Mary Ann Nunez

  • One legged salsa dancer - Just when you want to feel sorry for yourself someone sends you this video!  Even with only one leg he's better than many!  Reynaldo Ojeda and Claudia Lopez are professional salsa dancers from Bogota, Colombia.  The female dancer is not his wife, but his dance partner, but sometimes he also does salsa with her and his wife, also named Claudia.  I heard on a TV program that he gets paid $2,500.00 to do a performance.

  • Salsa with a storyline! - OFFLINE until I find it again  Dr Nima tells me that this is Cuban Salsa and the guy is pretty good, and probably a hip hop specialist, but still the genius is in how it's all put together.  The music has been specially written for the dance, and has a storyline you'll figure out as you go along!

  • Jitterbug Heaven - This was sent to me and probably dates back to the 40's.   Another really cute video with Air Moves and some good LIndy Hop stuff.

  • Dancing Bird - Who would of thought they had rhythm?

  • She has one arm, he one leg! - One of the top prizes in a modern dance competition in China went to a pair who performed beautifully.  The hitch?  She has only one arm, and he has only one leg.  She was a dancer who lost her arm in an accident and was depressed for years, but tapped back into her spirit when asked to teach dance to children.  It took her a long time to even be able to do simple turns, as she lost her sense of balance along with the arm.  Then she met a man who lost a leg, also in an accident, and she asked him to dance with her - but he had never danced in his life!  He thought she was nuts, but she persevered and eventually he agreed to try.  They walked out on each other many times in frustration and despair.  But with their commitment to a vision beyond any physical limitations, this is what they created.  Please watch this profound 5-minute video of their amazing routine

  • Strictly for your amusement - OFFLINE until I find it again yes there is dancing in it towards the end, pretty amusing

  • Two Adults and a young boy When you go to events like Sea to Sky (above) you see dancing that is truly memorable.  This video is of from a “united Country Western Dance” workshop.  It features a little boy and probably his two parents.

  • Two Men Tango - This one features a smoky room with Two Men Tango

  • Fitness 50's - Well, I’m a child of the 50’s, but this proves I led a sheltered life because I had no idea this was going on! 


New Years 2009 showdance video's

After five months, our New Years 2009 show dance video’s are finally up! 

·        Alberto Gonzalez & Teresa Szefler perform a Cha Cha / Salsa / Bachata routine

·        Mellado Elite Dancers

·        Mellado Elite Senior Dancers

·        Lorie Embleton & Clary Smits Salon Tango

·        Lorie Embleton & Clary Smits Milonga Tango

·        “I-Love-To-Dancers” featuring Robyn & Don Picard with Dave Johnson (Robyn's husband) and the "I-Love-To-Dancers"


New Years 2008 Show dances and fun stuff

  • Cam Gordon's fabulous Hip Hop showdance - the sensational Cam Gordon from Maple Ridge who is also currently the Hip Hop Canadian Champion.  He’s won several dance scholarships including one to Harvard, was picked to go to the “Dance World Cup 2008” in Hip Hop and Stage Dance.   He recently won at the PNE talent show and placed first at the Vancouver Chinatown talent showdown.  Only 18 years of age and dancing for 9 years, he teaches at Dance FX and MR Danceworks.   

  • Hank Melanson & Dawn Rapske's East Coast Swing showdance  - a cute East Coast Swing perform “Wrapped Around” by Brad Paisley which was choreographed by Ian Kirkconnell 

  • Zelia on Youtube - Amazing Sword dance  - As a child she studied Jazz and Highland dancing.  As a teenager in Guatemala she fell in love with Merengue and Salsa, was a member of a Columbian dance troupe in Ottawa and Montreal.  She’s attended multiple workshops with well-known Canadian Haida dancers Yasmina Ramzy and Nathalie Lebel, is well known throughout the Caribbean and Europe and is in high demand throughout Canada as a workshop instructor, and currently teaches in Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, ethnic restaurants, and corporate and private events.   She was featured as a special guest at the River Rock Casino in January 2006, and has taken workshops with dance Superstars Jillina, Aziza, Suhaila Salimpour and Tmalyn Dallal.   Tonight she performs two fabulous routines in the sensual and sacred art of…... 

  • Zelia on Youtube - 2nd belly dance - see above

  • Pink Panther was the theme - we got everyone to snap their fingers to a once second count, turned off the lights, bathed the room in pink light, then danced to "The Pink Panther theme" and Alma Cogans "Waltz of Paree"!   Check out the dance action here!

  • DanceFX Youth show dancers - Four young ladies aged 12 - 15 perform a "hip hop ballroom" dance!

  • DanceFX Youth show dancers - Perform a cute routine to Will-I-Am's "The Donque Song".

New Years 2007 Show dances and midnight sing-a-long with James Taylor


NOTE:  Two of these show dances I did for their entertainment value, as in FUN, not an exercise in great technique although we do try!  We're entertaining 180+ friends & dancers at a great New Years party, their appreciation tells the rest of the story.  Thanks everyone!

  • Robyn Picard & Ray Johnson NY2006 NC 2-step - Back in March 2006 I came across this beautiful Richard Clayderman tune "Prelude in Eflat major".  Played it at a couple of dances and realized it needed something special as it has tempo changes and is an absolutely beautiful song.  So I started to think of ways to take advantage of the tempo changes, and at the end the "Viennese" part.  Robyn tuned up some of the rougher parts of my choreography and with maybe 6 rehearsals together(!), we managed to pull this off.  Hope you like it... 

  • Ray Johnson & Bertha Mortimer NY2006 Salsa fun - About in May 2006 I came across this song from Tough and Go's song "Would you..."  and knew that this could be a great salsa number if two things happened.   First slow it down 15% and 2nd shorten it by about two minutes!   The original is speed demon fast, and even what we've done here took a lot of practice.  But I used a bunch of Dr Nima Rahmany's moves along with Robyn Picards, and came up with this.   Of course the dip with the singer saying "Would you go to bed with me?" was planned, but Bertha was unprepared for the final "Would you marry me" at the end!   All in good fun, but her and her girlfriends went with her back to the ladies room to figure out if it was a real proposal, and all came to the conclusion it wasn't because "there was no ROCK"  lol  Bertha who was 59 (me 53) when we did this, was wearing a wig.   When her grandkids 3 & 5 watched it on the net the 5 year old boy said "Wow Grandma, you were sure pretty when you were younger"!!

  • NY2006 Sing-a-long w/James Taylor  - This is undoubtedly the most beautiful version of Auld Lang Syne ever recorded.   It's unique because the original is in 4/4 time and James recorded it in 3/4.   I love James Taylor's voice and this version is "bring me Kleenex gorgeous"!

Non-dance videos

Gordon Lightfoot fans check this out! - I stumbled across this on Youtube.  Gord was born in 1938 so (2008) he'd be 70, but it appears he has a young teenaged daughter.   You can tell that this is a happy teenager who adores her dad, and it's really cute - and nice to see Gordon as a real person, and not just as someone who's music I loved.   More interesting for some may be that this short clip has been viewed over 40,000 times, and has 113 comments (Feb 2008) from people who like me loved him and his music!  But check it out here.

Paul Potts stuns the world on "Britain's got Talent".  From an ordinary 37 year old guy who worked at Carphone Warehouse, he now has wowed the Queen and has his own album out!

Britain's Got Talent - The first time the judges & audience get to hear his amazing voice, by October 16, over 14,000,000 views have been made of this video!  - The audition was March 17 and the show aired June 9, 2007

Paul makes the semi-finals - June 14

Paul wins! and winning the chance to perform at the Royal Variety performance in front of the Queen, plus a recording studio deal. - June 17, 2007

Previous to this Paul had worked in unpaid opera productions from 1999 to 2003 including a performance with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, however a serious of illness's combined with a bicycle accident in 2003 which broke his collarbone and brought an end to his amateur career.  On July 16 his album "One Chance" was released in the UK.  Paul was married in 2003 to Julie-Anne whom he met in an internet chat room!