Great Dancing comes

from Great Music!



Great Dancing comes

from Great Music!




Privacy Policy

I get emails from several sources

  • Off this website asking to be added
  • From Robyn Picard's Friday night dances at "The ACT" - she has an email sign up sheet.
  • From Robyn & Don's workshops
  • From "I-Love-To-Dance" dances
  • From my dances where you buy tickets in advance

I send out emails on average weekly or bi-weekly.

Emails are all dance oriented or related to "things good for dancing"!  Don't ask for any help with charity fundraising or anything that's a good cause, but not dance related please.  Please, no dances where just a regular band or DJ is playing.  This website and emails are for Ballroom & Swing dancing.

I never give anyone's email out except with your prior authorization, and as I Bcc emails to hide your address you will only see "undisclosed recipient" as your email address.

In return I ask that you do not use for jokes or anything non-dance related as I have hundreds of people on this email list and want this email address to be just dance related

NOTE:  I fix over 1,000 computers a year.  100% of "beware of this virus", "Microsoft is giving away money", "you need to respond to... for good luck", and all such hoax and junk mail and should never be forwarded to people you like.   Before you send out stuff like that drop some keywords into Google and see what people who monitor junk mail have to say about it before forwarding it along to friends!   The whole intent of these emails is to try to get everyone to overload the internet with junk mails pyramid style.

Thanks for your co-operation

Ray Johnson