Great Dancing comes

from Great Music!



Great Dancing comes

from Great Music!



Private Lessons

Private lessons have these advantages:

  1. It's one on one dedicated instruction unless you're there with a partner

  2. You can concentrate on new moves, better technique, better leading skills, better following skills ...

  3. It's a quick way to improve your skills, and you get better very fast

  4. If you really want to be good you need Private!

  5. Dance is much more fun when you "know" you're dancing correctly

When you're on the dance floor there are always people sitting down watching you, comparing you, checking you out.  We've all seen couples that look like they've been dancing together for years because they mesh so well.   Sometimes they have danced together a long time, or they've just done a lot of dancing, but many have taken private lessons to get where they are.

Some group lessons can be very large and the amount of time you spend with your teacher may be very limited, so you can very quickly learn bad technique and consider it normal. 

Once you've learned something wrong, it's much much harder to correct, thus the value of very early "course correction"!

Lessons can run from $60 - $75 an hour, some teachers might discount this during the slower times of the year, you can take a lesson solo or as a very small group, but it's always well worth it. 

Robyn - or phone 604-467-3534

Don - 604-941-4592